Tips on Millennial Dating and Other Fun Date Ideas for the 20-Somethings

Millennials, mostly composed of 20-somethings are the main advocates of the hookup culture. With their short attention span due to the presence of technology and free online chat applications, it would be hard to engage them and hold their interest for a long time. If you find yourself smitten by another 20-something, it would be a little challenging, but totally worth the try.

Here are some fun date ideas to engage your potential 20-something prospect.

1. Exploit the social media addiction.

There is no denying the insurmountable amount every millennial waste on social media. How can you use this to your advantage? You can watch funny videos online like Youtube videos, vines, viral videos or Ted. Whatever floats your boat, watch it. It could be fun since both of you are interested in issues affecting this generation.

You can watch while hanging out in the comfort of one’s place, or anywhere as long as you’re spending time together. You get to bond and talk and laugh about things you see on the Internet. And when you share laughter, you already bonded.

You can also use this before you hang out or date. You know how people share too much of their lives on social media? It wouldn’t be that hard to know what one likes or the things he/she is interested in. Use it to your advantage. Do something he/she likes. Talk about something he/she is currently interested in.

This would surely get his/her attention and would think that you are too cool for sharing the same tastes and interests.

Technology plays a huge part in changing the lives of people as time goes by. Now that it’s easier to meet people through dating websites and reach them through free online chat applications no matter where they are located, finding one that would be loyal is quite a feat.

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The challenge lies in the paradox of choice. The more choices you have, the harder it is to choose and stick to one person. There will always be that thought at the back of your mind, that maybe you can find someone better out there somewhere. If you think someone stands out, go for it. Go on a date and get to know him/her.

So exploit social media to get to know the person you’re interested in, but make sure you are not bordering on stalking. Use it accordingly.

2. Always try new things. india buy proventil online

This is how you keep your prospective mate’s interest. Millennials are so enthusiastic with trying new things and joining the bandwagon. We have reached a point where everything is deemed possible and there is no room for close-minded individuals in this generation. Online dating is the new norm and let’s all be thankful that free online chat applications exist. It would be hard to live without them today.

Entrepreneurs are now focusing on millennial marketing. As a result, there is always something new to try, either new products or services, because they always bring a try to compete with their rivals.

Go out and date offline. Try new things to stand out from other people vying for your potential mate’s attention. Do not be a Debbie Downer or a Nancy Negative. Have fun. It’s the only way to leave a good impression, score a second date and stand out from the rest.


3. Consistency is key.

We have mentioned the short attention span of all millennials. Thus, making consistency a task and an arduous one at that. This is again because of the almost limitless choices of other people engaging in the hookup culture.

Usually, when something changed in the way two people communicate after they hang out, it’s a sign that it’s not going anywhere, and you have to stop and move on to the next prospect.


Remember that first few times you were excited to talk to that person you just met through an online dating app? You text each other using free online chat applications on a regular basis, until after the first date or as millennials call it, hanging out.

If you want your prospective mate to know you are serious about him/her, continue talking to each other on a regular basis. However, this is a two way street. If one of you doesn’t seem to be interested anymore, it’s time for you to stop calling or texting, and move on to the next one.


DTR (Define the relationship) IRL (in real life)

If you have met through an online dating website or hook up app, and have been going out IRL for quite a while now, maybe it’s time to DTR.

Relationships have their stages and also a life span, especially in today’s generation. Relationships are relatively short lived, due to factors we have mentioned above.

Keeping the relationship in a grey area is considered as a waste of time. Except, of course, if both of you have defined it as casual and NSA (no strings attached). Please don’t DTR using free online chat applications. Have the decency to talk about it in person.

No one wants to be kept in the dark for too long. It would be better to lay all your cards down on the table and talk about it. Remember, there are others out there. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t value your worth.

Engage in millennial activities

Remember #2. Always be on the look out for new things, but also engage in the usual millennial activities. Guys, you can impress your date by taking her to an event she likes and doing the things she is interested in. Girls, you can also talk about your guy’s interests whatever it may be. With just a little creativity, the possibilities are endless. So what are these millennial activities? Attending concerts, music and art festivals like: Coachella, comic con, exhibits and whatever is new.

Millennial dating can be simple or it can be complicated. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Use these tips to keep your potential mate interested in you. Just always practice fairness, safety and don’t forget to have fun!

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