Adultfriendfinder.Com Is Just Like Justhookup.Com; You Have to Pay For You to Chat to the Members

Adultfriendfinder.Com Is Just Like Justhookup.Com; You Have to Pay For You to Chat to the Members

Hey! Are you expecting something that you will be given the opportunity to meet and greet someone via online dating sites? Well, you should ask yourself if this can happen in reality. After the online chat, you have no idea if the person you are talking to is sincere or just fooling around. This is what it’s like on

In my case, I was also disappointed from what I have seen on this website. Like any other online dating sites, is just like that has its gallery of horny girls, in short sluts. And on that note, your expectation seems nothing incomparable among other online dating sites’ concept or its working process. is one of the biggest and the longest-running online dating sites, which is not actually the basis of being a legitimate site. With over 23 million members all over the world, deemed that they are the most interactive adult-dating site but there are factors or something that seems so annoying for some people who have used their smart brains like I did. Why I am telling you this? They are actually making a trash.


You can find lots of girls on this website, actually one man is to four women in proportion, but this only involves “SEX” and that is not my thing. These girls are only boosting our sexual drive to get involved in their dating life. Their intention to find someone on this website does not satisfy me. Well, to tell you more about this website, just continue on reading so that you will be enlightened.

As I went online on this website, I was turned off with their design and layout. If I am one of the owners of this website and having lots of million dollars of revenue per year, I can totally upgrade or redesign this website with my web team. If you are going to take a closer look with their main page, you will see that the website seems to be a bargain basement of adult dating sites and that is why I was totally disgusted and feels like I wasted my time visiting this thing. I believe there is a privacy issue on this website as I’ve seen pictures of some members in the front page as if they claiming that the pictures are their own copyright. Therefore, all nude and hot pictures on their website can be claimed as their own in perpetuity. That is why it is so risky to post some pictures with this kind of web platform. Come to think with it, your nude pictures can be used by other posers so that they can make money here.  So, think before you upload your pictures here before it’s too late.


This website only involves sex and business. Why am I telling you this? This website only bargains many girls in this website to make you happy in a bit by means of their cybersex activities. While you are chatting with them, you will get charged to your credit card right away. They are not really implementing the so-called “free for all membership” because nothing is free on this website. Yes, they will say that they have a free membership deal but you made yourself wrong. You will have no choice but to upgrade to Gold Membership for a month, three months or for the whole year. Imagine you will be spending 30-200 bucks by having a privilege to use the chat rooms just like what did. Once you upgraded your membership, you will also have the privilege to visit live chats, in which you will see some girls undressed or playing with their private parts or even sex toys. Just like, you will be charged, aside from your premium or gold membership subscription, as you join the live chat or make the show private. As long as your credit card has sufficient funds, you will not be kicked out from the live chat room. But sorry to say that once your credit card is maximized, it’s all over!


“Real People Real Sex.” How come that this tagline on their website is in near far from the reality? For me, you will never ever find the real people on this website. Yes, you will find members there to chat via chat rooms but are you sure that these people are real? 99% of them are spambots and looking for some opportunities to make money online. They are making some programmable chats that will never ever answer your questions direct to the point.

You are not so sure if the one you’re chatting with are those real ones.  This website is not helping us to find out our future partner but they are only up for money-making, in short they are only promoting the porn industry.


Another thing that makes me feel so annoyed with this website is their never-ending email-generated messages and other websites that are affiliated to If you are a member on this site and you used your personal email address, you will receive a bunch of email pertaining to other websites, porn or adult sites. If I were you, do not open those websites or links because it can ruin your pc or your laptop. We are not sure if these links are safe. They can infect your computer system by a malware. These sites can also hack your pertinent information, in short you can be victimized by these phishing sites. This can also ruin your bank accounts or your personal information of your credit cards. You will never know what happens next, so think before you click.

To wrap this up, is just like any other online dating sites, they have common goals and they did not know how important the concepts of online or onsite dating. You will never find someone here in this website, unless you will subscribe in their gold membership. You won’t be able to use the chat rooms if you are only a free member. It is a waste of time and money visiting this website and come to think of it, their tagline is just for laughs.


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