Fun Date Ideas and Tips on Dating an Introvert

According to research, introverts are more prone to joining online dating sites and using free online chat applications because of their personalities. If you are extremely extroverted, how can you infiltrate the mind of an introvert? Do you need some fun date ideas to keep him/her interested in you?

First of all, you have to know how the mind of an introvert works. Introversion varies according to extent, which affects his/her behavior and personality. Acknowledge this fact before deciding to date an introvert.
Here are some tips and activities you can do when you date an introvert:

1. Be comfortable in communicating through texts or other chat applications.

Introverts are more comfortable expressing their thoughts through writing. This also applies to everyday communication. They would choose to communicate through text or chat applications.

For the extremely extroverted, it would be better not to ask or pressure the person you want to date into hanging out with you in public or in parties. If you really want to get to know him/her, go to a coffee shop instead. It would be a little challenging to make him/her talk about all his/her thoughts at first, but you’ll get there. You can make him/her open up when you talk through text before going out on a date. There are hundreds of free online chat applications you can use.

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Most introverts are also writers. It’s an outlet for self-expression and creativity. If your SO loves to write or use social media to express himself/herself, you can use it to get her/him to open up and talk. It would be like Fort Knox at first, but it’s quite an achievement once you’ve unlocked it. You’ll value his/her worth as a person more. Why? Because only a few people know the real person that he/she is. You’d also feel more special that he/she let you in on his/her thoughts and personal life.

2. A trip to the temple of knowledge is always a good idea.

It is safe to say that most introverts are also book lovers. So if we’re talking about the obvious here, it’s a good idea to bring him or her in the temple of knowledge – the library.
It would be exciting to visit one famous library, especially if you’re traveling in a new country or city. Take the person you want to impress or your SO there and be overwhelmed by the massive collection of books, and the library’s architecture.

If indeed, he/she is a book lover, you can engage him/her in topics regarding books, or your favorite fictional characters. There can also be potential next dates after this. Watch the movie adaptations of the said books. It would be fun.

3.Take her to a bar where artists/writers read poetries, share stories or sing songs they have written.

This is a cultural date of some sort. You listen to different original works by various local and independent artists. You can even encourage your SO or the person you are dating to share his/her own work. He/she will feel safe to share and be his/her own person because it’s an environment where likeminded people gather.

4. Movie marathon

Stay at home, order food and watch a marathon of your favorite movie series or TV shows. It’s a good bonding activity. You can get comfortable and you can talk after or in between movies.

5. Night picnic + Stargaze

It would be a romantic and fun date idea to surprise him/her with a night picnic in a place where you can also see stars. You can talk while stargazing. Maybe you can find an opportunity to ask him/her questions you wanted to ask since the first day you met.


Other tips on dating an introvert

Most introverts get lost in their head sometimes. They find solace in a secluded and quiet place. It’s not that they hate being around with people, it’s because they are more comfortable on their own.

1. Listen and focus on the conversation

t’s a rare occasion that introverts open up and let you in on their thoughts. If they do, listen closely to details. You can pick up valuable information you can use on your advantage. Take mental notes of important dates and events. Maybe you can surprise him/her on her birthday or any special occasion. Bring something that he/she likes which mentioned in passing.

2. Be mindful when bringing him/her to parties with your friends and family

Some extremely introverted people are often socially awkward. They don’t feel comfortable when surrounded by a lot of people, especially the loud ones. If you are bringing him/her to a party to introduce to your family or friends, make sure to tell them about him/her first.[/h6]

You can also leave him/her with your friends and family when he/she feels more comfortable around them. Assure her that he/she is welcome to be himself/herself and to just enjoy the night. You’ll be there for him/her all the way anyway.

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3. Introverts almost always end up with extroverts

Like magnets, opposites really do attract. A clash in personalities between two similar people is very likely to happen, especially during heated arguments. While introvert and extrovert complement each other. It’s a good pair because both provide a sense of balance in a healthy give and take relationship. Acknowledgment and acceptance of your similarities and differences are the perfect ways to start a good relationship.
You should give each other a piece of yourselves. Sometimes introverts need extroverts to help them lose the anxiety when in public. Sometimes extroverts need the introverts to help them balance out their too outgoing personality.

However, problems may also arise if two people in a relationship are too opposite and too different. The best way to go about it is to communicate openly. You will learn more about each other as you thrive to make your relationship work. If you overcome the initial struggles and resistance, the payoff can be truly worth all the works.

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