Review: The Best Dating Site To Visit

Review: The Best Dating Site To Visit

An overview of

Got nothing to do tonight but want to make it a night to remember? Then it is time for you to try and meet someone new in your life today. This site caters to millions of other users from around the world and you may find your dream companion for the night here.

There are several hookup sites out there but we have chosen this site as the number one since it has many features that stands out among the rest there is in the internet. It has several features that are not found in other sites. Most importantly, we can tell you that this site is no scam since you’ll surely be getting all your money’s worth, guaranteed.

This is a hook up site for those who are looking for temporary partners, casual sex and discreet encounters. What happens after a meeting is gone forever unless the two consenting users would decide to do this on a regular basis. Besides, who wouldn’t want to bang with someone who is hot and could kill with her moves?



The Legitimacy of this Website

There is no way you can look down on this site since it has already been featured on different TV shows like TMZ, playboy TV and Howard Stern. was also hailed as best dating site in 2011 by a renowned Online Dating Council Survey when they asked for votes from online users from around the world. These kinds of recognitions are not always given to dating sites which is the reason why can be said to be a good place to find a hot partner for the night.

The site has been around for more than a decade now, an accomplishment that not all hook up sites are able to reach since most of them are just scams and are removed from the internet when the truth becomes clear that they are a scam. There are other reasons why most hook up sites fail but one thing is clear and that is, is a legitimate site and will still be staying for quite a long time.


The Jaw-dropping Number of their Members

The hookup site brags to have at least 66, 700, 899 members from all genders combined and they even claim that number increases each and every day. Since then, the reputation of this site became renowned and it became a subject of many reviews and even articles worldwide.

The success of the dating site can be attributed to the fact that it has so many members from around the globe that the site is being recommended by other users to the people they know. Those who are opting for people who are looking for a one night stand or discreet encounters come to this site due to its popularity and the guaranteed hook up that they’ll be getting.

We are sure that you’ll find the right match for you since the number of members makes it possible for you to find the right person who shares the same passion as you. Their database will also help you get to know other members on the site who have the same preference as you. Or you may use other methods of meeting others that you might be interested on having a connection.


Signing Up for

In the process of signing up for, you’ll be guided by a beautiful naked woman who will instruct you what you do; this makes it easier for you to sign up for the site and creates better interaction between the user and the site.

The woman will ask you for important details like your own gender, your preference and other things you are looking for. Other things like your e-mail and desired username will be asked as well. A good advantage you have on this website is that it allows you to choose more than one preference. As a matter of fact, you can choose all preferences.

To verify that you are a real person, the website will ask for your credit card account and will charge $1.05 to check whether it really exists. Other charges will follow if you will avail to other programs like watching videos on the site.


Value for your Money

The site has its own membership fee. But believe us when we say that all that’s being charged of you is worth it since you will receive high quality service and guaranteed hook ups if you are doing good and putting on your best self. Also, the fee is very affordable since it only costs $41.97 per month. This is nothing compared to how much you can spend from joining other bogus sites that will really rip your wallet open with no results.



User Friendly Layout

You will notice that even during signing up, the website has a user-friendly interface but you should wait until you get in. There are no annoying ads that will disturb you or distract your attention. The site does not depend on advertisements to support itself but it uses the membership fee to sustain itself. The site is not compressed with other popup menus that are unrelated to the site which makes it more pleasing to the eyes.

Each sections of the site are also labeled with icons for users to be able to easily identify the use or function of it. All tabs and menus are also labeled for the convenience of the user. It also helps searching for your preferred partner easier since you’ll be given a list of prospective connections who falls under the preference you have selected during your sign up.  You can narrow the list by adding more options to the list. This will make it easier to pick the right one out of the millions of users of the site.


The Search Features and other important Highlights

The search feature of this site is effective since they really bring results. The database will initially provide a list of prospective connection at the start based on the preference that you chose but you can still narrow this down to find your right partner.

Other noted ways of searching for a partner is through the other features that the site has like the “Who’s Viewed Me? “button that allows you to check the other members of the community who looked at your profile. This option will also show you the profile of those who has viewed you and if they are compatible with the preference that you have provided.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to meet the hottest members of the community? The site has its own dedicated button to show all the hottest members of the community. These are real people who will interact with you if they are interested and there is even a chance for them to meet up with you outside the site. They are voted by other members of the community which hailed them to that top spot.


Other highlights of the website include:

  • Send flirts or short messages to individuals you are interested to establish a connection
  • Communicate with other members with the use of live web chat
  • Hardcore porn for those with upgraded membership
  • Those who have upgraded memberships are able to access all the pictures available in the site
  • Connect with friends through the site then meet up somewhere else


Our Two-month Experiment Reaped Satisfactory Result

Aside from the overall above satisfactory layout of the site, there are other reasons why it reached the top spot of our review. The site has more to offer aside from its performance as a hook up site. There are millions of members of this website that we were able to immediately get two dates on the first day. The amazing fact about this is that she even met up with one of our team mates. And boy, we could say that she is truly a bomb shell.

During the two months on the site, we were able to nail 300 connections with 226 planned dates. But that’s just too much too handle so we decided to call off a few of them. Too bad because they were hot women, too. So we could say that out of that, we met with 150 of these women and guess what, only one of them backed out. Apparently, she had her own trouble but she was willing to meet up again some other time.

Those were amazing days and some girls even plan to have return dates with us. However, since this was just an experiment, we were no longer able to respond to them. Some of the members of the team still pursued the other girls from the site.


Conclusion: is definitely legitimate and it ranks number one for us. The friendly user interface and layout just adds up with the awesome girls to score on this website. There are millions of members of this website so we are sure that you won’t find it hard to find the right partner for you.

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