Fun Date Ideas for Long Distance Couples Using Free Online Chat Application

Are you looking for fun date ideas for you and your significant other who lives thousands of miles away from you? If you are in a long distance relationship, you can still go on dates by maximizing the use of free online chat applications. Internet is now your new best friend.

Here are some fun date ideas to keep your relationship interesting.

1. Watch something together

Most couples in a long distance relationship do this. Pick a movie or a TV show and watch it at the same time.

You can make it feel like you are physically together in a room. You need 2 monitors (TV and a computer will do), a stable Internet connection, and an app that allows free call using WiFi.

Video chat with each other but set it on mute. Call using the app and then use the other monitor to watch the movie/show.

By doing this, you can see and hear each other’s reaction and it will feel like you are in the same room, watching the same show. You can take turns in picking a movie/show to watch and then talk about it afterwards.

It’s simple, fun and you get to spend some quality time together. If you have any issues with time difference, you can allot a certain time to watch something together. You can do it on a weekend when both of you are free. A marathon of your favorite show sounds fun too.


2. Eat together like you’re on an actual date.

You can still have dinner dates even when you are miles apart. Never mind the time difference. If both of you have tight schedules, surely there’s something you can do to work around it. Compromise. It may seem silly to do this, but remember it’s good for your relationship.

Sometimes you only need creativity to keep things interesting. Get dressed and exert an effort to look good like you are really going out on a date to see your significant other. This will remind both of you why you fell in love with each other.

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You can talk about what both of you are having for dinner/brinner/brunch and then prepare it. Both of you can get creative and even decorate the place in a more romantic set up without having to worry about other people. You have the freedom to talk and it won’t be awkward. You can opt to have the same meal or whatever you like. Talk and catch up while you eat.

Or you can choose the more courageous, and not to mention awkward way. Go to the same restaurant (assuming there is one in the same area/city where you live) and order the same thing.

Eat while you video chat using your laptop, tablet or your phone. You can talk about anything while you eat like you are on a regular date. You can let your tablet or laptop stand and use a bluetooth headset to talk.

3. Walk and talk in a park.

Walk alone while you talk with your significant other. Describe the park, the people around you and the feel of the grass under your feet. You can be vivid with your descriptions so your significant other would have a clear mental image of your surroundings.

You can sit on a bench and video chat with your partner. You don’t need to care about other people throwing you weird looks. They are irrelevant.

You can talk about your future and what it would be like when you walk in the same park together. It would make the both of you feel excited about the future. It’s something to look forward to.


4. Stargaze.

For LDR couples living in the same country, but different cities, this is a fun date idea. You can go or drive to a place where you can see stars. Then use the free online chat or app of your choice and talk while gazing at the same star or constellations. Nerdy couples who love astronomy can enjoy this activity. It is fun, simple and a little profound.

5. Create a collaborative music playlist and listen to it.

With apps like Spotify, it is now possible to create a collaborative playlist. You can add songs and then listen to them together. You can share your thoughts regarding a certain song or artist/bands. This could be a fun date. You can get to know each other more. You can also discover if your SO is a music snob or if both of you have the same taste in music.

6. Keep video chat on and do your thing.

Sometimes you don’t really need words. Take advantage of free online chat applications that would let you video chat with each other. You don’t really need to talk. If you’re comfortable with each other, you’ll also be comfortable with silence. It won’t be awkward or there won’t be any tension in the air because both of you have nothing to say.

You can sit in your couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and read a good book while enjoying a cup of coffee. Just keep the video chat on. Acknowledge the presence of your SO and just keep doing your thing.

It would feel like you’re together and comfortably doing your own thing. A glimpse of what your future would be like.

With modern technology, nothing is impossible. You only need the determination to make your long distance relationship work and some creativity to keep it interesting. A little effort goes a long way.

These are only some fun date ideas. You can come up with more creative ways to spend some quality time together even when you’re not physically together. There are hundreds of free online chat applications to use. You don’t have any excuse unless you don’t really want to work things out with your significant other. It would be hard to adjust especially when you’re new to the LDR set up, but if you really love each other, it’s all worth it.

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