First Date Do’s and Don’ts and Other Fun Date Ideas

The first date is probably the most crucial and taxing part of the whole dating process. It is when you really make an effort to look and be your best to be able to leave a good impression, and probably score a second date.

Millennials, no matter how familiar with the modern dating scene, still get stressed-out on first dates. Some are still lost for they have no idea what to do or what not to do on pre-date, on the actual date and postdate.

Here are some of the basic, but unspoken rules of dating for the first time, and other fun date ideas to help you get through your first date, unscathed.


1. Take care of your physical appearance.

This may sound harsh, but the reality of the situation is that people are judgmental. You will be judged physically. It’s human nature. It’s quite understandable since physical attraction plays a big part in the start of a relationship. So you should prep up pre-date so you will look your best on the actual date. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle. Eat, sleep and exercise. Take care of your hygiene and skin care routine if any, and work out.

If two people met through an online dating site and have been talking for a while, the first meeting is still considered as their first date. Meeting for the first time can either make or break your relationship especially if you lied about your physical appearance.

2. List down or create a mental list of fun date ideas that both of you would enjoy.

If you have been talking for a while, you probably already have some fun date ideas in mind. Do something that both of you would enjoy. Make it memorable.

Going to a movie on a first date is not really a good idea for you can’t talk inside the theater. However, if you have all day, then go ahead and watch a movie. You can talk about it afterwards over coffee.

A coffee date is usually the safest thing to do on a first date. The setting is light and you get a chance to talk without worrying about food getting stuck in between your teeth.

Dinner is always nice. Guys, you can go for a simple or fancy dinner it’s up to you. Make sure to inform the girl beforehand so she can dress appropriately.

Go for a walk after a date. It would be nice to stretch and move to release some tension and awkwardness.

3. Make instructions clear.

Be clear with instructions to avoid confusion. Set the date, time and place so your date will have a clear idea of what to wear and bring.

You can also talk about going there. It’s advisable that girls should drive themselves so if the date doesn’t turn out well, they can go home on their own, especially when meeting for the first time. You don’t know what’s going to happen. If you decided to go there together, that’s fine too.

Actual date:

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Girls, wear something that speaks your personality. You can go for a simple sundress, a conservative but not too boring ensemble or a sexy but not too revealing outfit. It’s up to you. As long as you are comfortable and you can move freely.

Guys, please make an effort and lose all your facial hair. If you’re not a lumbersexual or a movember participant, you have no excuse not to shave.

Both should wear an outfit that is suitable for the place and activity. Smell is important too. An enticing smell can linger in a person’s memory. So make it a point that you smell good without overdoing it.

Be there on time. It’s not a job interview but it is part of making a good impression. It shows you value the other person’s time and effort. Inform your date that you will be late because you got stuck in traffic.

Talk about happy and positive things during the date. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in the other person’s life. Avoid touching sensitive topics that could evoke negative emotions. Be true to yourselves. There’s no point in pretending to be someone you’re not.

Please avoid checking your phone every five minutes. It’s a sign of disrespect. If you’d rather talk to someone else using free online chat applications, then why did you agree to go on a date in a first place? Social media can wait. Show respect and set your phone on silent mode. If the call is urgent, excuse yourself to accept the call and talk briefly.

Post date

The date is over. What do you do? Well, it’s up to you how you will end the date, but it is common courtesy to at least say thank you after. If you had fun, let the other person know. It would be great to know that your date had as much fun as you did.

How do you know if there would be a second date?

You won’t, unless the both of you talk about it. If for instance you both agreed on doing something or going somewhere in the near future during your date, you already planned the next date. Maybe attend a concert, watch a movie or try the new restaurant around the corner. Congratulations! You scored a second date.

It’s tricky if the subject didn’t come up. If there’s a sudden change in the way you communicate after the date, the possibility of a second date is indefinite. It could be that one of you did enjoy the date but realized that you’re not really “the one”, and decided not to go on any further.

Your first date will determine if there would be another. However, if you aren’t lucky and it didn’t work out the way you want it to be, it’s okay. The most important thing is that you had fun and you were true to yourself.

Dating is a way to get to know a potential mate. If it didn’t work out no matter how “perfect” you think that person is for you, there is no point in holding on. Move on to the next and don’t stop until you find the right one for you. It’s trial and error. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.} else {The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.