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Who wouldn’t want to meet someone hot today? The internet has now provided ways for us to meet new people from around the world who share the same endeavor as we want. And when it comes to casual dating and no-commitment after relationships, there are several dating sites around that promised users or members who are looking for discreet encounters and casual sex.

One site that you should look at is Who wouldn’t want the idea that the domain name implies, anyway? But this is not just any kind of hook ups; the hook up site has members from different walks of life with backgrounds that differs from one another. Expect to date a wide range of different women from a hot college cheerleader to a primped professional who has a wild side underneath their clothes.

All members of the site agree that they understand that other users here are looking for a casual hook up partner with no commitment after which is the reason why they use the website. There are several reasons why people choose this kind of set up and this hook up site caters to the needs of individuals who are looking for a partner that shares the same belief.

The Search Feature and Highlights of the Website

The website allows you to choose your sexual preferences after you sign up and confirm your e-mail address. The purpose of asking you these other preferences is to narrow down the search and for you to be able to find the right partner who matches your desired traits. Besides, there are millions of users of this website and the number is growing every day. It will be difficult for you to manually scour the site just to search for a few individuals who share the same values and beliefs as you.



Other Highlights you can see on the site:

  • In order to be able to communicate with other users of the website, you are entitled to send others messages
  • Live webcam chat is also a privilege offered to you by the site if you want to see who’s on the other side of the connection. There should be a mutual agreement between the two parties before doing this.
  • There are photos that may not be accessed since there are a few arrangements that would depend on your membership on the website
  • You may set up casual dates with friends and connections through the website


Other useful features you can find in your Home Page:

  • A dedicated button to check the hottest members of the site
  • In order to increase your chances of finding the right match and attract other connections, you may choose to update your profile which the website allows.
  • You will also see the individuals who has viewed your profile on the side bar
  • The website also allows you to attach photos and videos of you with a button located on the side bar.

The testimonies about

Before we decided to try the site, we came to interview other user who’s been members of the hook up site for quite some time now. They all have pretty good ratings of the website and they all are satisfied with the services and the outcome that is delivered by the hook up site.

According to a friend we’ll call Chris, he’s been using this site for 9 months now and so far, he’s been satisfied with the results he’s been receiving. Don’t get me wrong and it’s not that we’re putting our good old friend down but, Chris is just the average Joe with no abs or other special physical features to flaunt. But he claims that he is able to get at least two dates a week if he were not busy. And as we sat by him while he was using the site, we could see girls sending messages to him. Seeing him makes us want to try and join the site.

Another friend of ours, John, also used the dating site and we could say that he is truly happy with the results. Based on his story, he needed to travel to a foreign land to do business. He didn’t want to stay on hotels since he wants to experience the life in the said country. He then decides to use the hook up site to find someone who lives in the said country. He was surprised to find several women who live in the country who passed his preference. He got interested with a girl named Abby and decided to meet up with the girl. The woman opened her home to him and he stayed with her during the length of stay he had on the place. He enjoyed the awesome days where both of them travelled and the hot nights where they banged with each other.

Eventually, John needed to leave since he has other obligations but the experience with Abby makes him want to come back to the place again. She made her days and nights memorable and was grateful to for being the means of meeting this awesome young flame. He plans to use this site on all of his out of the country business trips he has since he is happy with the service that is offered from this site.


The Experiment we have Conducted

Our team has conducted a research and experiment to verify whether the hook up site is real and not just another spam site demanding you money with no results after. This lasted for two months even if we already had results during the first week.

We couldn’t agree more with the statements of our friends who testified about the legitimacy of the hookup site. On the first week alone, we were able to score 15 dates to which 10 met up with us and 8 of them spent the night after. That’s hard to believe and it’s a good thing I’m not alone working on this.


In the end of the experiment, we were able to meet up with 162 out of the 230 connects we have in the site. We could say that all of them are hot gals who are really incredible in bed. Most of them are aspiring models who came to the city in order to pursue their dreams. The best part about this is that, they were not picky. Out of the number that showed up, 151 did spend the night with us and a quarter of them wanted return dates. This is just incredible for an online dating site.

The team was very much satisfied with the outcome of the study and we could say that this is a must try site for people out there who wants to meet hot chicks.

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Safety for Members of the Site

One of the few reminders given to each of the members of the dating site is to comply in maintaining a harmonious relationship among the members. One of the highly emphasized rules that the management upholds is that each user shouldn’t tell others in the real world whoever you saw using the same site since most users prefer to keep their life here which is different from their real life.

The women who are using the website should be respected like normal individuals as well. They are people who have their own professional lives outside the site and they are doing this because just like you, they are looking for a good time and know for a fact that this is a good place to find one.

There is a strict age restriction and only those who are over 18 years of age are allowed to register. New members should agree with this term of use before they are allowed to become part of the website.

To keep the members safe, the management of the website urges their users to keep an open eye of violators and other individuals who are using the website to their advantage. The reason for this is for the management to apply the necessary sanctions for the violator which may result to the suspension of their right of use of the hook up site.


Conclusion: ranks number 2 in our list due to the number of dates that we are able to have here. We know for a fact that the site is no scam and the proof is with the number of dates we were able to nail. We also considered the attitude of most members of the sites and we could say that they’ve been very kind and polite in dealing with us. The members are not your typical girls you can pick around, they are professionals and they can please you whatever way you want it to be. Plus, we love the features of this site that makes it stand out among the rest of the websites. These user friendly features help us narrow down the choices easily so we don’t need to browse over the millions of other users of the site.

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