Famous Date Scenes and Fun Date Ideas from Movies That Actually Work

Romance and Romantic-Comedy movies often make us feel that true love does exist. They inspire us to look forward to finding it, and to enjoy the whole dating experience. Sometimes we get frustrated because scenes like those don’t really happen in real life. Truth is, it could happen. The problem lies with us wanting to make it happen, but not making an effort to make it a reality.

All of us millennials often get caught up with all the earthly things that we forget to appreciate the little things that can bring us insurmountable amount of happiness. We forget romance and we don’t exert effort to make our relationship flourish and interesting.

For those who are looking for some fun date ideas (mostly guys) and those who just want to get inspired, maybe you can spend one weekend watching all these movies to help you out. Most of them are corny, but if you can pull it off in real life, the payoffs can be amazing.

1. The Notebook

Of course, this is a given! This is still the top most loved romance movie of half the world’s population. This movie is full of romantic and fun date ideas that the present generation can learn something from.

We can never stop listing down (and gushing over how cute Ryan Gosling is) all the romantic gestures and heart-melting dates between Noah and Allie.

Guys, you don’t have to do it exactly like Noah did, especially that part where he was hanging on top of the Ferris wheel to get Allie’s attention. Your prospective mate can see the sincerity of your words through your little gestures. No small acts are ignored, especially during the first few dates.

2. Notting Hill 

After a very nice dinner at William’s house, William and Anna had a romantic walk. They climbed a fence and ended up in a park. They talked endlessly on that bench under the stars in their own private garden.

See? A good humor, meaningful conversation, and a very romantic place can do the trick.

3. buy drugs from canada with paypal Before Sunrise 

Jesse and Celine only had a few hours to kill before they go back to their own separate lives. They spent it together roaming the city of Vienna. They talked and bonded until before sunrise. It was the most memorable experience for the both of them because that’s when they knew they have fallen in love with each other.

Again, deep conversation about anything and everything under the sun while roaming around a nice place can bind two hearts together. Hopefully, you won’t end up like Jesse and Celine who waited years to finally decide to be together. Don’t waste time and wait until it’s too late to tell someone you love how you feel.


4. 10 Things I hate About You

When Kat and Patrick played paintball and then had their first kiss in the hay. Not to forget that swoon worthy moment when Patrick sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” while the guards were trying to stop him.

Now isn’t that adorable? It’s a classic from bad boy to lover boy love story. You can be as bold as Patrick and sing a song for your SO or date in an open field; it’s up to you.

5. A Walk To Remember

Nicholas Sparks knows exactly how to make girls swoon and guys work harder. A walk to remember, like The Notebook, has a lot of noteworthy date scenes that guys hated because it raises the expectation of women. It’s hard enough to keep one’s attention these days.

Anyway, one of the most memorable scenes from this movie is when Jaimie and Landon had dinner, danced and went to two places at the same time. The placing of the tattoo was quite a notable one too.


6. When Harry Met Sally

This movie made all of us wonder if men and women can ever be just friends. It raised the question of men’s true intention to women they regard as friends. Harry and Sally’s countless debate on the subject brought them closer.

That scene when Harry finally declares his true feelings for Sally just made all the hopeless romantics melt.

7. Say Anything

Who could forget that boom box scene? It’s just adorable. Now guys, you don’t really need long words to express what you truly feel. We all know you are wired that way.

You can just go to your SO’s house and play a song that would clearly define what you feel, using mobile speakers instead of boom box. You’ll wake up the whole neighborhood, but who cares?

8. 500 Days of Summer

Although Tom and Summer’s love story didn’t end well, that IKEA date is still very memorable. It just shows that even the mundane of tasks can become special when shared with the one you truly care about.

9. Friends With Benefits

Flash mobs. Who could ever forget that ending scene when your royal hotness Dylan (played by Justin Timberlake) organized a flash mob to apologize and win over Jaimie’s (Mila Kunis) heart again?

Now, that is quite a grand gesture. Organizing people to perform for a single person is just overwhelmingly sweet. This is quite the phenomenon now in marriage proposals.

In a nutshell, you don’t need to spend too much on dates. You don’t need to give fancy things or take your date to a fancy schmancy place to show how much you care. Your net worth is not the main focus here.

You don’t really need a grand gesture to impress and get your SO to love you more or your date to like you. A simple date is enough if you make it truly a memorable one. Tell her how you feel. Be creative with words and do whatever it takes to make it interesting. All these things would go down the drain if you’re not sincere with your words.

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