Review For The Exciting World of this Hook up Site

Review For The Exciting World of this Hook up Site

Want to pick up someone to hook up tonight? Then it is time for you to try There are several members on this hook up dating site who are looking for the same kind of connection like you do and they expect to be pleased by the person of their choice. If you want a no-connections after or a no strings attached relationship, then this is the right site to visit.


An Introduction to the site

The slogan of the hook up site goes “THIS SITE CONTAINS NAKED PICTURES OF SOMEONE YOU KNOW! AND IT’S 100% FREE TO CONTACT THEM”. The slogan alone is very inviting though you might also know a few individuals you really wouldn’t want to see naked. However, it will immediately make you think of that one person you want to see naked.


You will know the actual members of the site by scrolling down the websites page. According to its database, they have a total of 64,652,000 members. Based on my observation, it seems like the members of this hook up site just keeps on increasing as I can see that the numbers just keeps on adding up on their database as minutes go by. This is impressive and means that you get greater chances of meeting up with the right person of your preference.

According to the Online Dating Council, this hook up site was voted last 2011 as the #1 Adult Social Network. They also claim that they are recognized by a few popular TV shows like TMZ and Playboy TV.


Signing Up on

There are also enticing pictures of women in the front page that will really invite you to sign up for the hookup site. The site will ask you specific questions about you before signing up. This includes your gender, your preference on a partner or partners and other information like your desired username and e-mail address. The site makes it clear that you should be above 18 years old to register which means that you are mature enough to make your own decision.

During the process, a friendly yet hot woman will appear and guide you while filling up the form. This can be helpful since there are several individuals who needs assistance in answering these questionnaires every once in a while. It is wise of them to put a good instructor to assist new members through the process of membership. This user friendly interface helps a lot and also draws more members in.


Getting started with the website

After successfully signing up, the website’s database will provide you a list of other users of the website whom you can interact with. You may start by actually contacting a few of them since the website has chosen them due to the similarity they have on the preference you are searching for. Choose among these hot women and discover more about their wild side.

You may also do a broader search by adding more options in your search options to narrow down the choices. This will help you find your right match much easier.


Other highlights of the includes the following:

  • A system for private messaging is installed in the site for you to be able to contact the person you are interested to meet. You may send a private message to the person to establish communication or invite to add as a connection
  • A live web chat option is also given to the users. This will allow users to have better communication with others using the site. Both parties should have an agreement on using this before they are able to access this feature since the disapproval of one won’t make it work. You can exchange titillating poses through this feature for the other person to feast his eyes in.
  • The main purpose of the website is for you to meet someone and meet up outside the website. After talking to each other, you may come to a mutual agreement to meet outside the dating site and finally hook up. The next topic will remind you a few things you need to know about using the website as well.


Safety for Users

It is always reminded for users of this website to respect the rights of others who are also using the same hook up site. This is to prevent people from having disputes that may lead one to hurt the feelings of others. Besides, members come here to have a good time and meet someone new to enjoy a short time with someone and not to have a fight or have someone feel ill of them.

Another important emphasis given while using the dating site is that members should respect the ladies who are using the site. In the real world, these women are practicing their different professions and are here just to find someone to provide them their sexual needs. They have the right to shut you down if they feel that you are disrespecting them. It’s not like they are porn stars or prostitutes whom you may just talk dirty. Proper approach and polite conversations is always welcome.

During the registration, the site required you to confirm that you are already 18 years of age. This is to prevent any other complications in the future and that you have fully understood what is happening in the hook up site.

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You have to agree with the terms of usage as well before you are given access to the website. It may sound like one of those long boring paragraphs but it is still advisable for you to read them. This will help you understand the other important pointers when using the website and things that you should and should not do while using it.

Keep on the watch for those who want to simply harm and take advantage of others. If you meet someone like this and you have a strong evidence that they do engage in these acts, you may want to report this to the admin so that proper discipline or punishment will be imposed to the violator. These acts are highly prohibited while using the site.


The 3 months experiment

To verify the legitimacy of this site, we conducted an experiment. During the length of stay, we had some unique experiences here. We were able to meet a lot of hot women from different walks of life. And we guarantee that they are all scorching hot. We met hot college students and even bombshell professionals who come to this hook up site just to find someone to bang with.

What you’ll be surprised about the women on this website is that they are not picky and they will not mind whatever you look like on person or anything that will offend you. They were nice people and although we are not the masculine heart throbs that most women wants to meet, they accepted us with open arms.

During the span of time, we were able to meet 208 women and 196 planned to meet up with us. Out of that number, 140 individuals actually appeared (it appeared that 20 of them are from another countries so they weren’t able to meet up with us). And I know it’s hard to believe this but out of the 140, 128 actually hooked up with us on the same night. Those were really hot nights for us and signing up on this website was one of the best deals we had.

The legitimacy of the website

We understand that there are several websites today that are just based on scams and are just created to take advantage of your cash. But we could say that this site is different and it actually reaps results. Expect to get actual dates from the site in just a matter of a week and this is possible as long as you put hard work into it.

We conducted the experiment as a group which is the reason why we got a pretty high number on the tally and we could say that even if you are doing this alone, you can get at least two dates in a week. As a matter of fact, some of my friends are still using the account to search for dates though I should once again search for another website to review.

There are several scams out there so you should be aware and keep vigilant. And if you want a real good deal then is the real deal. You may sign up today and enjoy the benefits of being a member of this dating site.



We can say that from the study alone, is an awesome site when you are looking for a no-commitment relationship and a causal relationship with no strings attached. There are great chances of you meeting someone in this website who is willing to come out on a casual date and a one night stand. This site is 100% legitimate and you can be confident that the site is no scam.

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