The Art of Flirting in Online Dating Sites

One of the exciting things to with online dating is flirting. Who says you cannot be just as flirty as you are offline? There are ways that can make you more desirable in online dating if you know the art of flirting in a virtual environment. It is a common notion that flirting is always associated with the body language. However, the general rule of flirting in online dating is always possible if you know the tricks. Your ability to flirt can give you an exceptional online dating experience by hooking the person whom you are highly interested about.

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Why flirting is good in online dating

Just because you are flirting does not make you cheap. While you can coil your hair, give the person an eye contact and lightly brush another person’s skin in a face to face dating, online dating will require you to flirt in style in words. While it may need the skill of flirting to make it work, there are some strategies that you can learn when flirting with your online date. Flirting is an initial step to develop the interest of another person in you and perhaps to take your relationship to another level, like from friendship into something more romantic.

Flirting in words allow you to gauge the interest of the person in you by noting the response you get from the other person. Flirting must come naturally, thus you need to relax and be yourself while trying to make your words playful with a positive note. It may feel awkward to learn how to flirt online, but you will learn the art of doing it eventually.

How to get a positive reply

Trying to start a conversation is often hard, especially when you are even unsure whether you will get a reply. With online dating, it is easier to flirt even if you feel uncomfortable or shy. If you want to make sure that the other person will remain interested in you, try to say something about yourself that is interesting and intriguing. Make the person hanging about something interesting about you and leave the person wondering about it after saying goodbye. This is a sure way of keeping the person interested enough to contact you again.

Waiting time

It is best to gauge the best time when to communicate and how long your conversation should last. Flirting is best when the other person is not preoccupied about something else and is likely to give you his or her 100 percent attention. However, don’t spend long hours talking but don’t make it too brief, either. Make sure to learn how to balance the time and essence of the conversation that you make in order to slowly build a unique love connection between the two of you.

Use humor

Using humor can make flirting easier and light. This is a good strategy if you don’t want to come too strong in your art of flirting. Shy people often use humor to flirt in order to see how the other person responds before taking flirting in a more serious level.} else {

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