PerfectMatch Review: Is It Really a Quality Dating Website?

Have you been searching for your perfect match? Well, I know that seems promising but is it a quality dating website? I am going to explain exactly what “Perfect Match” is in this review. I will elaborate more on the nature of the service and let you know if they are worth your time and effort. I will discuss more on the features, positives and negatives. Then it’s up you to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

What is ‘’ and why are there so many reviews? is known as one of the most searched online dating websites on Google. With its catchy name, singles join this site hoping they might find their perfect matches. It was created by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a famous sociologist and sexologist.  He also developed the exclusive matching system known as Duet Total Compatibility which was featured on the Dr. Phil show. Unlike any other dating site, Duet Total Compatibility system claims that it effectively matches couples and that the success rate is high.


PerfectMatch has been a buzz out there ever since it is featured on the Dr. Phil’s show. The popularity grew more when it was also featured on the Bonnie Hunt Show or Dancing with the Stars. However, with the popularity, negative and positive reviews surfaced out in the open. We conducted our own experiments and researches and the findings will be discussed further in the following paragraphs.

Main Features

  • Video Dating Profile

One of the best features of this website is the Video Dating Profile. Members can post a 3-5 minutes video and if you attend any of their events, a professional film crew can shoot, edit and share your video profile making you look like a star. Your video will be seen by thousands of members all over the metropolitan cities. Thus, if you really have a good quality star-like video, then your chance of finding your perfect match is at hand.


  • A few dating websites offers free membership and most ask for a payment for you to use the site. In this regard, PerfectMatch offers free membership although you can only use the standard dating features such as: creating a profile, adding photos and searching for members. In order to connect with members you have to subscribe to a monthly paid membership.
  • PerfectMatch jumped into a trend where they offer some form of a guarantee. The paid members that subscribe for two months and do not receive a minimum of four matches receive a free membership until they do. If members opt for the three or four month’s membership, they will get the same benefit but with six matches. Furthermore, if they purchased the six months membership, they’ll have eight matches total, guaranteed. Hmmmm… What do you think, money making scheme?
  • The gained popularity of PerfectMatch through exposure on different television shows, resulted to membership rate sky rocketing. Today, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands joined this dating service, so chances are; there is a high probability that you might be able to meet your match. Look at it this way, an increase numbers of members means increase prospects for a perfect match.


What’s bad… or better yet, what’s worst about this dating website?

  • If you are in a hurry to find your perfect match and you are impatient, this site is not for you. It is difficult to get half-way through the compatibility test and it really takes time… I mean a lot of time to find your match. The process is just too complicated.
  • We researched and experimented on this site. Most of the people we talked to have paid membership on the site, most of them said that the site is definitely a money-making scheme. After the site had ripped them off because of expensive membership cost, most of them received a match, so knowing that the basis of match making is reliable (using Duet Total Compatibility System), they obliged to it. Guess who their matches were? PerfectMatch consistently matched them to men or women that are near illiterate, either unattractive or most don’t even have a photo on their profiles. Not that they are just looking at the physical appearance but even the profile details are not complete enough to know at least the most basic information about the person. What the Heck! Is this how their compatibility system works?
  • With the interviews and researches we had, we tried the website to know if their claims are real. True enough, what happened to them, happened to the group. The responses and messages from chat and email seems to be programmed, they are very generic and too common. We also discovered pictures of the same person posing as different names and locations. It seems that they have staffs who pretend to be matches. Whoa! What a crock!!! We can’t believe that this site is still in business after having the same complaints over and over again.

Final Thought!

After thorough research, experimentation and deliberation; the group gave 2 out of 5 stars. PerfectMatch seems legit, bravo to their strategy on making money and how advertising staff made this site popular. They are really good. However, the controversial claims of members and what we had experienced during the process have greater weight in deciding if this site is a good or bad dating site. Nevertheless, it is still your decision, if you want to be ripped off and played at, join

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