Managing Rejection in Online Dating

One of the reasons why people often prefer online dating than dating in person is being afraid of rejection. Indeed, online dating can provide one some form of animosity that makes rejection easier to take. However, once a person gets rejected online or offline it is always a lingering question in his or her mind what went wrong. In the world of online dating, you may find yourself in the position of either being the one who have to make the rejection or be rejected. Dealing with online dating rejection can sometimes be tough, but there are ways in managing it well.

Ignore and move on

One of the easiest ways of managing rejection is to simply ignore it. If you have been sending messages to a person you are interested in and do not get a reply, just think that the person may not find both of you compatible. Do not take this personally and move on to look for someone else who will be mutually interested in you. Many people in online dating sites may also send you messages and you may find the person not suited for you. You can always send back a message of not being interested or simply ignore their messages and they may come to their senses of realizing you are not interested.

When you got rejected

If you got rejected, it is not the end of the world for you. Do not dwell on the issue and move forward to look for someone else. There are many options in online dating sites and if one rejected you, look at the positive side that it may not work well anyway and you don’t want to waste your time with someone who may not be too genuinely interested in you. If someone is ignoring your messages, do not repeatedly send a message as this can become offensive to the other person. Lightly take it as a silent way of telling you the person is not interested. There are many reasons why you get rejected, but when it happens, your goal is always to move forward without taking it too personal and painful.

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Evaluate your online dating profile

Reflecting why you constantly get rejected is always necessary. When you receive repeated rejection, you may want to review your profile. It is possible that your profile may project yourself as someone who is overly confident, needy, boastful or under confident. Your profile may need some upgrading to make a better impression to those reading it. Your photo may not too impressive as well or your tag line or heading may not be too catchy enough to attract others to become interested in you. Generally, evaluate the overall impact of your profile because it is the initial contact of others to you in online dating sites.

Do not be disheartened

It is natural to feel disappointed about getting rejected. However, this should not discourage you from finding the best pick for online dating. Continue sending communications to prospective dates in online dating sites. You can definitely find one soon enough. If you get rejected, perhaps it may not be the best time or the right person for you. But the bottom line is not to be disheartened nor give up hope because of rejection. You may have been rejected because the right one is out there for you waiting to find him or her. Always keep up the faith with a positive outlook about online dating.



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