Review: Find a Hot Love in this Dynamic Site Review: Find a Hot Love in this Dynamic Site can be said to be one of the biggest players in the online dating industry. The site caters to millions of users worldwide. The features are also amazing since they are all varied. Owners of the dating site are committed to providing the best service there is so expect that this dating site will stand out among the rest of the sites.
We are here to provide to you an honest review of and we’ll give you a peek of what hot items to expect from one of the hottest talked-about dating site there is in the market.

An Overview of

The dating site was awarded the number 1 casual dating site by “The Online Dating Network”. Their slogan claims that is the most discreet adult dating hookup website there is. They are creating a name with its fast growing membership from all around the world.

For those who want to join the site, the first thing you’ll read is the question, “ready to get hooked up?” This statement alone attracts many non-members to join the dating site since this is what they’ve been looking for.

The Layout and Design of the Dating Site is Commendable

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We loved the feel of the site the very first time we laid our eyes on it. The theme is just so sexy yet classy unlike the usual hook up sites. The first thing that will be asked to you is “Who are you interested in meeting” and you will see images to guide you through the process. It takes only a minute or two to create your very own basic account for the dating site.

Compared to other adult dating sites that exist, has created a site that puts lesser boundary between members and non-members of the site. The process of checking out profiles is also easier when using the website. We have to admit that there are dating sites that makes this task a real pain down there but the creators of this site seemed to have taken this into consideration.

The general lay out of the site is also impressive. They have used more titillating pictures and icons in the site to guide users during registration. There is also a prominent placement of profile pictures that allows you to find a date or casual encounter in your area.


In addition to the signup process, the general layout is great. Likely knowing that when sex is the endgame situation their members are after, the folks behind have made their site image reliant. So, instead of searching throughout their site and weeding through descriptions of members, you can easily use their features to find a date or a casual encounter in your local area, thanks to the prominent placement of profile pictures.

Membership on the Site

Just like other dating sites, there are a few conditions when it comes to accessing other features that are found here. This depends on the membership that you have which means, the higher your membership, the more privileged you are. This lets you access features that may be absent for those who are just basic members of the site. But mind you, we can say that the difference is significant.

We can say that through this membership system of the site, being a basic member is just a way of letting you get an idea of what you are getting and how things work inside the site. The activities of basic members are limited and there are a lot of restrictions to follow.

Below are the features that are accessed by each members of the site

Basic membership: Entitled basic searches through the dating site. They are also allowed to upload photos for their profiles and send other members invitation to meet outside the site.

Silver Membership: Users under this membership can access the features granted to basic members. However, they are allowed to also maintain a friend’s list. They could also wander around chat rooms and forums. And the best advantage they have over basic members is that they are allowed on advanced searches throughout the site. Their searches are also given higher priority compared to those who hold basic membership.

Gold Membership: All the features that are accessed by Silver membership holders are also granted to Gold membership holders. Their searches are also of higher priority compared to those with silver and basic membership. Plus, they can have daily access to hardcore porn.

If you will notice, there is a huge difference between the memberships that the dating site offers. Basic members are not allowed to access advanced features like “My Latest Matches” and “Who’s Viewed Me”. These are just a few features that make it easier for other members to browse throughout the site.

The Advantage of

We could say that there are a lot of good stuffs here at The features they have on their dating site are impressive and look polished. As soon as you arrive on the landing page, you’ll read the words “we know that you want to get laid, not become an expert in web navigation”. The site knows that this is the common problem of most of its competition so they avoided this mistake. This makes other users glad and relieved knowing that they won’t get lost inside the dating site.


To count, the site has over 65 million members finding for an actual date or someone to hook up with in their local areas. This is another impressive feature of since they were able to earn this number of users within a short period of time.

Another advantage of the dating site is the fact that it uses the members preferred interest in sex and makes sure that you find the right person who fits your description. They do not depend on their database to simply do the calculation of who is the right match for the person but they make sure that the matches do share the same similarity in order for them to become compatible.

Value for your money

As we have mentioned earlier, the site charges fees for higher membership. Here is the list of fees that are charged to those who wants an upgrade.
Silver Membership
Three Day Trial                                         $1.95
One Month Membership                            $29.95/ month
Three-Month Membership                         $19.98/ month
One Year Membership                               $12.50/ month
Gold Membership
Three-Day Trial                                         $1.95
One Month Membership                            $34.95/ month
Three-Month Membership                         $23.32/ month
If you will notice, has given ways to its members on how to save and create a balance between value and cost. You may want to avail of their three-day trial first to get to know more about the features of Gold and Silver membership. And when you finally decide which membership to choose, you may also pay per month or usage or you may also pay for each quarter or year of subscription.

The Downside of the Site

The problem with this site is that it is still dependent on ads that may not look good on the site. There are still commercial banners and pop up ads that can be quite annoying and may also distract the contents of the site. Some of the ads are not even related to the site and this decreases the sexy feel of the site. However, these little flaws won’t really be the reason for us to leave the site.

Safety for Users

Just like other online dating sites, there are still a few reminders that are given to the users in order to keep them safe from people who want to take advantage of them. Some of these are already included in the terms of use so you may want to read this every once in a while.

No minors are allowed on the site and members should be 18 years above in order to qualify as a member of the said dating site. This means that they know what they’re doing in the dating site and they are mature enough to face whatever consequence there is of using it.

Scammers are in all dating sites and are trying to take advantage of you. It is important to remain vigilant and keep a close eye to those who are acting suspiciously. When you decide to meet up outside the site, choose a public place to do this so that there’ll be people who will see you together. Do not give your exact home address. It is also advisable for you to provide your cellular phone number instead of a house number so you get to receive the call first.


We could say that is a legitimate site with the many members who we have flirted and dated with. Plus, it is impossible to get more than 60 million loyal members if the site is a scam. The features and layout of the site is impressive and it is easy to navigate through it. Removing the only disadvantage it has, you are surely getting a good deal out of joining the site.

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